The mobile application market is on the edge. Competitors are sharp, devices are technologies at its paramount. 600€ device owners expect that the last application they downloaded:

  • Provides a first-class user experience
  • Makes the most of their smartphone

On the other hand, development companies face increased risks resulting from

  • Complexity of the platforms and devices
  • Complexity of edge applications (concepts to be handled, code size)
  • Porting hazard
  • Pressure on Time-To-Market

Test and quality assurance are a mean of ensuring that the investment in developments will generate expected Return On Investment (ROI) and also how to:

  • Keep your development teams focused on
    • their core activities
    • managing technical challenge
  • Secure test force availability
  • Enhance test coverage
    • Feature
    • Device compatibility
  • Control testing costs


Mobile Testing Services can help you to address these challenges. Our quality assurance testers are fully integrated in the Channel Certification Service, sharing knowledge and best practises based on 6 years of experience. Sogeti High Tech applies Sogeti steady test methodology TMAP® (Test Management Approach). A business-driven methodology which secures not only the value-added application but also your investments in testing activities.
The key characteristics of a Sogeti High Tech testing team are:

  • Teams sized to your needs, and ready on demand
  • Test Engineers from embedded development, customer care oriented
  • Services based on committed budget
  • Agile approach
    • Able to use your own tools and process, or
    • Propose alternative solutions
    • Testing force management

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